Kisan Sarvoday Yojana Complete Info : 24 Hours Electricity in Gujarat GPSC UPSC

People who are not associated with agriculture wouldn’t know that farmers only gets electricity at night for the irrigation and because of that farmers has to woke all night to provide water to the crop. As remedy of this problem, Under kisan sarvodaya yojana farmers will able to water their crops in day time.

Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana : Din Ki Bijli, Din Me Upayog

Gujarat Sarkar declared new yojana on the date of 24th October 2020. The Name of this yojana is Kisan Sarvoday yojana. Farmers of various district and villages will get benefits of this scheme till 2023. This Scheme will not only save farmers from wild animals but also bring new morning in their lives. It is indeed a new day when farmers of the village will get 3-phase electricity in day time.

Kisan Sarvoday Yojana

To double the income of the farmers, to decrese the tax, to minimize their problems, in this changing time we have to increase our effort in upcoming times.

On his virtual conference, PM Modi congratulated gujarat government that they are doing this work without affecting other arrangement of transmission and by establishing totally new transmitting capacity. in upcoming 3 years, 3500 circuit kilometers of transmission line will be laying all over the state.

The Main initiative of this Scheme is to provide electricity for the irrigation in day. India is currently on the fifth place in the world in producing the green energy and out initiative of sarvoday yojana will be executed by utilizing solar energy. We all knows that green energy is future and all the other sources are not permanent. Our PM Took this thing seriously and Narendra Modi said to the whole world that india will produce 175 Gigawatt renewable energy and in this initiative gujarat will be first to produce.

Currently Gujarat’s renewable energy producing capacity is 10000 Megawatt and as per pm modi, Gujarat’s CM Vijay Rupani and Minister Saurabh bhai patel will look towards increasing the renewable energy producing capicity to 35000 Megawatt till 2024.

Under this yojana farmers will get electricity in day time. The problems of wild animals for farmers in night time will become a past now. State Government of Gujarat took important decision in the benefit of 17.50 Lakh Farmers. PM Modi Dedicated Kisan sarvoday yojana by doing grand opening virtually on the date of 24th October.

A to Z information about Kisan Sarvoday Yojana 2020-21

Under This scheme farmers of gujarat will get benefit of electricity during the 5.00 AM to 9.00 PM. Total 153 Groups has been established to provide electricity in day now. As per Government, 1055 Villages of the state will get benefit of the skim.

Junagadh district is more vulnerable to the wild animals so state government has decided to give a benefit to the 230 villages of the junagadh in first Stage.

In the second stage 143 Villages of GIR-Somnath, 692 Villages of Dahod district will get benefit announced by urja pradhan of gujarat Saurabh Patel.

It could take nearly 3 Years to make a structure to provide electricity and government has granted rupees 3500 crore inorder to establish the basic frame work in the budget of 2020-21. 3500 Crore will be spent within 3 years to execute kisan sarvodaya yojana.

In upcoming few days, nearly 1055 villages will get benefits of this Scheme and of that villages most of them are tribal villages. So, this sarvodaya yojana will change the day to day life of tribal people completely.


FAQs About Kisan Sarvodaya yojana

Who announced Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana ?

  • Kisan Sarvodaya yojana was announced by our honorable prime minister mr.narendra modi virtually.

When Did PM Modi announced Sarvoday yojana ?

  • The Sarvoday Yojana Was announced by PM Modi on 24th October 2020.

What is The Mission of this Kisan Sarvodaya scheme ?

  • The Mission of Kisan sarvoday scheme is to provide three phase electricity in day time to the farmers for irrigation purpose.

How Many villages are gonna get benefits of the scheme ?

  • Approximately 1055 Villages of gujarat state is going to befit from this scheme ?

How much budget was granted for the execution of kisan sarvodaya yojana ?

  • In the budget of the year 2020-21, Gujarat government has granted 3500 crore for the scheme to be executed properly.

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