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With so many Schemes available for scholarships in India, the one that is often talked about is the DESW scholarship Under The PM Scholarship Scheme. Not only does it help drive towards a better tomorrow, but it also helps give back to the Brave hearts of India, who have vehemently fought for the country without any fear for their own life.

The scholarship is sanctioned for the eligible children or widows of Ex-servicemen and Ex-Indian Coast Guard faculty, who are now seeking education in the professional field. The DESW scholarship is alternatively known as the PMSS Scholarship as well.

If you are planning on applying for DESW PM Scholarship 2020-21, we hope this guide helps you through the entire process without any hassles.

DESW Scholarship 2021 On

DESW Scholarship

For the ones thinking of applying for the PM DESW Scholarship, it is offered to the children or widows of the Ex-servicemen and Ex-Indian Coast Guard faculty in India. The DESW scholarship is offered with the collaborative efforts of the Welfare and Rehabilitation Board (WARB) and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It is eligible for the conditional districts, the widows of the Central Armed Police Forces along with Assam Rifles and the State Police Personnel. The DESW scholarship was first initiated in 2006-2007 and since then has helped impact the lakhs of students get their desired education and dream job without any further hassle.

The Department of Ex-Service Men Welfare (DSEW) is only available for the students of ex-servicemen who have a family income of fewer than 6 lakhs per annum. The primary aim of this scholarship is to help the students get the needed financial support that they need to prosper in their lives.

What Is The Benefit Under The PM DESW Scholarship Scheme?

  • Coming round to the benefits under the DESW Scholarship, the Indian government has recently changed their scholarship amounts for both the female and the male candidates. The revised scholarship amount is now INR 3000 per month while the amount for the male candidates is INR 2500 per month.
  • Expanding on this current scholarship, there are going to be 500 new scholarships that will be introduced for the State Police administrators who were martyred in the Naxal attacks or against terrorism.
  • The length of the scholarship for the students can generally vary between one to five years, depending on the length of the course of the students. Just in the last academic year, over 14,000 students of both new and renewal students got benefitted with over INR 40 crores.
  • The amount of the scholarship is generally credited to the candidate’s bank account directly through ECS.
  • Additionally, having a savings account in a nationalized bank is mandatory to get the necessary amount credited into the bank account.

Eligibility Criteria Of Department of Ex-Service Men Welfare (DESW) Scholarship Scheme

Coming round to the eligibility criteria for the DESW Scholarship, there are a few important things that the candidates need to be aware of. Some of the most important ones include:

  • The applying candidate needs to be a conditional ward or widow of late CAPFs & AR/ Ex-CAPFs & AR or retired Central government employee in the field of defense.
  • The candidate needs to be studying in a professional course.
  • The candidate should at least have passed their Class 12 board or have diploma graduation.
  • The candidate should at least have 60% marks in the previous qualifying examination.
  • The candidate should be between the ages of 18-25 years.
  • The candidates who have completed their Master’s with distance learning from abroad aren’t eligible for the scholarship.

How To Apply PM Modi DESW Scholarship Scheme Form On

The application form for the DESW scholarship needs to be applied on You must understand that the form for the application generally varies for the new and the registered users. The new users have to generally create a new account and register on the portal. But, for the registered users or renewals, the candidates need to apply via their existing login credentials.

Required Documents

First of All Coming Required Document Before Starting the Registration Process Of the Scholarship Scheme, we have a few important factors that the candidate should keep a check on. Some of the important documentation include:

  • Copy of Ex-Servicemen /Ex Coast Guard Certificate.
  • Qualifying certificate for the 10th and 12th boards.
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
  • PPO copy.
  • Front pages of Bank Passbook.
  • A cancellation cheque.

For The New Candidates:

  1. The candidate needs to first register on the official portal of the scholarship. Which Is:
  2. Navigate down to PMSS on the website and then select the new application form.
  3. From there, move down to the Apply Online option.
  4. Once you do that, the online scholarship form opens up on the Kendriya Sainik board secretariat website. Which Is:
  5. Once the form opens, you need to fill in all the important personal details with the details concerning the date of birth, father’s name, etc.
  6. From there, you can click on the Submit button.
  7. From there, you need to fill out the second part of the form.
  8. Once you are done filling out the form, you can then click on the Submit button and finish the registration.

For Renewal Candidates:

  1. The registered user also needs to apply via the official portal and log into the portal with the existing login details.
  2. Once you log into the portal, you can then navigate from there follow the general online application form, and then register accordingly.

Along with the application form, the candidate also needs to fill out the necessary details about their course and then move ahead with the same. The professional courses can be in any field including medical, engineering, management courses, etc.


Generally, the DESW Scholarship selection procedure is based on the merit of the candidate and how early on the registration form is submitted. It is important to ensure that you keep an eye out for the list of the selected candidates for the DESW PM scholarship. You must keep an eye out on the eligibility criteria and ensure that your profile matches well to the same before you apply for the scholarship. Additionally, you must keep up with the dates when the scholarship forms come out every year.

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